26th February 2018

Act 1 Scene 2

Act 1 Scene 2

Location: Street in Verona

Characters: Capulet, Paris, Servant, Benvolio and Romeo

Time: Saturday afternoon

Events: Paris asks Capulet if he could marry his daughter. Capulet disagrees because she is still 13 and is too young for marriage. Capulet is having a party at his house and sends his servant out to give invites to the people on his list but the servant doesn’t know how to read and asks a stranger on the street who happens to be Romeo. The servant said to Romeo as long if he isn’t a Montague he can come. Romeo looks at the list and see that a girl he likes is going and decides to go the party. Bonvilio is excited to show Romeo that there are etter girls than Roseline.

Quote: ” I’ll go along no such sight to be shown, but to rejoice in splendour of mine own.” – Romeo

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