12th March 2018

Act 1 Scene 5

Location: Capulets house

Time: Sunday night

Characters: First, second, Third and Fourth Serving Man, Capulet, Cousin Capulet, Romeo, Tybalt, Juliet, Nurse and Chorus.

Event: Tybalt discovers that Romeo is at the party and tells Capulet that he is going to kill him, Capulet tells Tybalt if he hurts Romeo Capulet will hurt Tybalt as he doesn’t want violence at his party. The only reason Romeo went to the party was to see Roselin but instantly falls in love with Juliet by just looking at her. Romeo and Juliet flirt and soon after kiss. Romeo finds out that Juliet is part of the Capulet family. Juliet and Romeo are deeply in love and Juliet says she can’t marry anyone but Romeo. The two lovers but cannot possibly see each other since there families are enemies.

Quote “If he be married My grave is like to be my wedding bed” – Juliet.

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