10th April 2018

Act 4 Scene 2,3 & 4

Location: Capulets house/ Juliets bedroom

Time: Tuesday night – Early Wednesday Morning

Characters: Juliet, Capulet, Lady Capulet, Nurse, Servingmen,

Event: The Capulet family is preparing for Juliet’s and Paris’s wedding. Juliet tells her dad that she accepts to marry Paris. Capulet moves the wedding date forward to tomorrow. Juliet is having doubts on taking the potion but she takes it anyway. She thinks Frair Lawrences potion might be unsuccessful so she has a dagger beside her bed incase she wakes up on Wednesday and is still alive.

Quote: ” What if this mixture does not work at all? Shall I be married then tomorrow morning? No, no this shall forbid it; lie thou there.” – Juliet

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