Act 5 Scene 1

Romeo: If I can trust my dreams then there Is some good news coming my way soon. Ive had a feeling all day that its coming. Last night in my dream I got brand back to life by a kiss. Have you heard from Verona yet? Has Friar sent me anything? Hows my wife?

Balthasar: Juliet is lying in the Capulet tombs and her soul is in heaven. I saw her in the tomb then came immediately here. Sorry for coming with bad news but it is my job

Romeo: Is this true? get me some ink and paper and get some horses to ride we are leaving for Verona tonight

Balthasar: Please calm down, don’t hurt yourself.

Romeo: Leave me alone. Have I got a letter from Friar Lawrence?

Balthasar: No

Romeo: Please hurry with the horses.
Juliet ill come lie with you tonight. I remember a old pharmacist who lives near by. He dresses messy. He makes drugs from herbs. He is also very poor there is a tortoise shell and heaps of empty boxes. I will trade money for his poison. It is illegal to sell in Mantua but he is so miserable he will take the money.
This is the house, “Hello pharmacist”

Apothecary: Who is calling my name?

Romeo: Man I see you’re poor, her is forty ducats. I want to trade for some poison. Which makes you die faster then gunpowder in a canon.

Apothecary: I do have poisons like that but it illegal to sell in Mantua, I will be sentences to death.

Romeo: How are you so poor and this afraid to die? Your cheeks tell me your hungry, I can also see it in your eyes. Neither the law or world is your friend. Non of them make them rich but take my money as a trade.

Apothecary: Im only taking your money because I need to not because I want to

Romeo: I know you don’t want to give this to me

Apothecary: Even if you where as 20 men this would still kill you immediately.

Romeo: Here is your money. Wealth is worse then any poison it commits more crimes then these poisons.
Goodbye, buy yourself some food and but some flesh on your bones. I will take this poison to Juliets grave where I will use it.

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