Time: Midday Monday Location: Capulets House Characters: Juliet and Nurse Event: The Nurse gets back from meeting with Romeo and is leading Juliet on if he said yes to the marriage. The Nurse tells Juliet that he said yes and to meet at Friar Lawrences Cell, but before she goes she must get a ladder […]

Location: Street in Verona Time: Midday Monday Characters: Romeo, Mercutio,Benvolio, Peter and Nurse Events: Romeo and Mercutio are having some banter and fun. Juliets Nurse comes over to Romeo and asks if he has got plans ready for the wedding. Romeo has and tells the Nurse to get Juliet to meet at the Church. Quote: […]

Location: Friar Lawrences Cell Time: Monday Morning Characters: Friar Lawrence and Romeo Event: Romeo wants Friar Lawrence to give permission for him a Juliet to marry. Friar Lawance tells Romeo they have known each other for less than 24 hours and they are already getting married when only yesterday he was still crying over Rosaline. […]

Location: Capulets Orchard Time: Late Sunday night Characters: Romeo, Juliet and Nurse Event: Romeo and Juliet confess their love for each other and set a time to met. Romeo cannot enter the Capulets house as her walls are to high and if Romeo got caught he would be killed for who is he. Romeo and […]

Location: Capulets Orchard Time: Late Sunda night Characters: Romeo, Benvolio and Mercutio Event: Benvolio and Mercutio want to get Romeo out of the Capulets orchard because it is dangerous for him to be there, but they realise he is too blinded with his love. Mercutio and Benvolio thinks Romeo is in love and waiting for […]

Location: Capulets house Time: Sunday night Characters: First, second, Third and Fourth Serving Man, Capulet, Cousin Capulet, Romeo, Tybalt, Juliet, Nurse and Chorus. Event: Tybalt discovers that Romeo is at the party and tells Capulet that he is going to kill him, Capulet tells Tybalt if he hurts Romeo Capulet will hurt Tybalt as he […]

Shakespeare uses metaphors to convey his idea that Mercutio believes dreams are unreliable and not important. ┬áHe does this by having Mercutio compares dreams to “the children of an idle brain.”This means that the brain is producing children because it has nothing better to do. This is showing Romeo that he should not be worried […]