1st August 2018

Future Olympics Dystopia

I awake at 4 a.m for the day that will change my life forever. The rich blood sky reflects on how this day could end. Death. Today was the day I fight for my country. I am not only fighting for my life I am fighting for the success and wealth of my nation. I put on this ridiculous full bodysuit with a large number 9 printed on the back. I do my lucky morning routine of left sock on first then right, brush my teeth before I eat breakfast and tie my hair up in two dutch side plaits. I arrive to the arena at an incredible 5:30a.m. This is where I am getting injections to monitor my health and fitness while I’m out in the forest. Around me are my other competitors and I don’t notice anything suspicious until they start giving me some haunting looks. Suddenly I hear this strange comment from one of the commentators announce over the speaker “I bet my whole lives earnings that the only this young girl who is the only lady here will be the first to die.” This was a gargantuan shock.

After revealing me being the only girl in the arena and being about a third of the size of all competitors gets more confused. Until a striking message goes over the speakerphone “Welcome to the 2085 fight for your life. As per usual your country has voted for the strongest child to fight for wealth. For the first time in 23 years we have a female representative.” Ghastly reactions develop from the crowd. My heart sinks. This is a lot more serious then I first anticipated. I was only sent here due to my sisters massive debt whose wedding failed and my father’s gambling addiction. Competing was the only way to avoid the death sentence to my entire family. Trying to dodge all media interviews which are everywhere, but this is the least of my worries as I am entering the ring in minutes.

30 years ago was the record for how far a female would survive in the dystopia and she made it into the top 10 so ever since no one else has really brought any girls as they have not brought any success. Going into this I am the underdog which could work in my favour. Right now i’ve got to get my head in the game. This is it. I am a wreck. Hands trembling, knees wobbling, uncontrolled breathing. I am standing tall and proud on my captual ready to fight. This has began to come so real. All my nerves have now turned into excitement. I never thought id say this but I am ready.

A two minute countdown has started. I am stating strong on my block surrounded by my male competitors. Everyone has different strategies. To my left they are facing to th forest ready to run and to my right they are facing towards the middle to get some supplies. Which route am I going to choose? Facing forward ready to go to the middle with the majority. “10, 9, 8…” goes over the speaker. “5, 4, 3…” shoot this is actually real, “…2, 1” and a vast blast to inform that the games have began.

A split second decision saw me changing from expectedly going to the middle to running outside as far away as I can. There are around 15 countries here and I would say a two thirds went to the middle. We are only 30 seconds in and two kids have already died. People are way more trained then I have first predicted. The thought goes through my head ‘I’m not first out. Ha!’ I felt a little excited then I realised thats probably not the right emotion to be feeling after two people have just been murdered. Buzz. Another one gone. By this stage I am already exhausted. Last time I ran was at cross country about four months ago. Sport has never really been my thing. My running starred to turn into walking. the scenery was actually quiet nice. tall green trees and a fresh bright blue waterfall. I take my shoes off and put them in the water to relax. Birds chirping around me is so peaceful. what am I doing? This isn’t a holiday. Quickly I put my shoes back on and keep on running. Im running powerful and tenacious. Oh. Im back in the middle. Ive been running the wrong way this whole time. to top it off there is nothing left in the middle.

I hear guns and screaming. Another one gone, and another and another. I move to the other direction because this boy is obviously very talented with a gun. There is a fire meters away from me. its massive and spending. Two more buzz noises go over the speaker. 9 rivals left with a new record for deaths in the first day. Last year 2 children died not 6 and the sun hasn’t even set yet. A thought came to me. Im making history, I have made it past 10th place and to be fair I’ve done noting but run. And you can barely call it that at the least.

Suddenly I have this sharp aching pain in my chest. Is it because I ran to far? It can’t be. I’ve run further before why would it hurt. It getting worse. It is so discomforting. This is defiantly the strongest pain I have ever felt before. Before I know it my eyes are fluttering, heads spinning and my legs are unsteady. Ive crashed.

Waking up in this unfamiliar room. Still feeling weazy a large figure gently walks closer to me. Dressed in a head to toe gown with a health mask covering his mouth. He informs me that I have had an allergic reaction to an illegal substance which has now disqualified me from the games. Im arguing. I have take noting prohibited I try to justify myself. He questions me about who has had any contact with me. I analyse my pastOnly the guy at the start who gave me all the injections.

I may have not won but ive done

and most importantly I am alive

have honoured my country. I have exceeded all expectations. I have not only

“I’ve always been an underdog. I feel like I’ve beat the odds”

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